File a Report

This page provides you with advice on how to raise concerns regarding WaterAid and what to expect when you do. The Global procedure reporting malpractice and breaches to the Global Code of Conduct is also a useful guide.


Raising a concern

Different types of concerns can arise, and it is important to understand how these are dealt with. Being clear about this ensures that WaterAid can meet your expectations when you raise a concern.

Types of concerns

  • Safeguarding concerns
  • Complaints
  • People management
  • Cyber security
  • Security/health and safety concerns
  • Fraud
  • Fundraising irregulation
  • Data Protection

In the first instance, we want you to report directly to WaterAid.

We recognise this may not always be easy so if you do not feel able to report internally within WaterAid, the independent “speak up” service Safecall is here to help.

Safecall is an impartial, externally run service. It enables you to report serious concerns and misconduct relating to WaterAid and its partners/ representatives in a safe and secure manner. 

Communications to Safecall are treated on a strictly confidential basis.

How do I raise concerns directly with WaterAid?
What types of concerns can I report to SafeCall?
What happens after I report a concern to Safecall?