Nala Renewables (“Nala”) encourages the identification and escalation of issues that may negatively impact the operations or reputation of its Group; the wellbeing of its employees; or the communities within which Nala Renewables carries out its commercial activities. To provide stakeholders with an avenue where such issues can be reported, Nala has engaged whistleblowing hotline provider ‘Safecall’ to provide an anonymous 24/7/365 manned telephone hotline and web reporting service for the reporting of grievances.


A “grievance” is any negative feedback or genuine concern from a stakeholder related to Nala’s operations or activities and our criteria for acceptance of a grievance are broad and flexible in order to accommodate as wide a range of grievances as possible. We believe that every grievance must be managed consistently and with due respect for the complainant. We believe speaking up takes bravery and where grievances are made via our telephone hotline, our call handlers are well-trained in gauging how much reassurance the caller requires in order to obtain required information.


Whilst every effort will be made to maintain the anonymity of anyone who wishes to raise a grievance via Safecall there may be occasions when the identity of the complainant may become apparent as a consequence of any resulting review or investigation. We remain committed to reviewing all grievances received, however, it is likely in many cases that details about the outcome of any subsequent investigation will be confidential and it will not be appropriate to be shared via an anonymous third party reporting service.

When should I “Speak Up”?

At Nala Renewables we take whistleblowing very seriously and are committed to independently investigating any allegations raised. If you do see or suspect any malpractice or wrong-doing we want you to tell us about it. You don’t need to have any proof that these things are happening - if you have a reasonable belief, you should report your concerns.

You should use this independent “Speak Up” service if you see or suspect:

  • Bribery, fraud or other criminal offence
  • A miscarriage of justice
  • A risk to colleague and/or public health and safety
  • A risk or actual damage to the environment
  • A breach of any other legal or professional obligation
  • Discriminatory behaviour
  • Someone is covering up wrongdoing

How do I “Speak Up”?

You can contact your, free and confidential, “Speak up” service 24/7 by calling Safecall on 0800 915 1571 or online through the ‘Report an Incident’ option below. Your report won’t be traced and Safecall has trained operators to support you. 

As part of your report please think about: 

  • Providing clear details about where and when the issue occurred. This should include the specific Nala location, dates and any colleagues who are involved or aware. This will make our investigations a lot easier.
  • You have the opportunity to remain anonymous. While doing so may help you feel more comfortable raising a concern, it may also impact our ability to successfully investigate and resolve the matter. You can also remain partially anonymous, whereby Safecall won’t share your name with Nala. Making yourself available to be contacted may help the investigator to fully understand the issue and take appropriate action.