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Ethicall is an alert system that is available 24/7, in nearly all countries where Air Liquide operates and in all Group
spoken languages. It is also open to any stakeholder who would like to file an alert.

Ethics and compliance are essential to encourage trust and achieve a sustainable and profitable development of our activities. In addition to complying with applicable laws in the countries where we operate, we also promote our culture of integrity and transparency.

If you are directly aware of inappropriate behavior regarding a variety of ethics, integrity and compliance issues (fraud, corruption, conflict of interest, harassment, discrimination, breach of competition law, protection of personal data, health and safety or environmental issues, etc.), you are encouraged to report it, in particular when you believe that there is a breach of applicable laws and regulations, of our Code of Conduct or  other Group’s guidelines.

Any person who has in good faith reported a potential violation will not be subject to any disciplinary measures or retaliation of any kind related to the reporting.

Employees may also share any concern and report any suspected breach to their manager, HR manager, Ethics correspondent or the Group Ethics Officer.

It is important that the information contained in your report be as detailed as possible so that it can be processed and investigated (names or description of the persons involved, circumstantial elements - date, time, place etc.). Covering Who? What? When? How? Where? will be very helpful as well as communicating evidence when possible.

If you notice any situation that requires priority handling (e.g. health and safety emergency), please follow local emergency procedures.

Thank you for coming forward with your concern.

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